Graymatter is comprised of Karl Cheney, Bob Hess, and Doug Dearden. The only requirement in forming our business was that all first names at Graymatter must be monosyllabic.

We’ve all been in advertising and design for a while. We’ve all ran our own shops and have culled what we’ve found to be some solid practices from our individual experiences. In other words, we just do what Bob says because he’s the loudest and will most likely do it his way anyway. No issues though. We’re fine. It’s all good.


Just how spicy is
that catsup? And how
crispy can you make
those fries? And do
you have bacon?

California’s best.
Blah, blah, sunny,
nice, yadda, yadda.
In-n-Out Burgers.

That’s clearly
Stempel Garamond,
not Adobe Garamond.
You been drinking
gasoline again?